Victim recounts ax attack that killed infant son (4-12-2010)
Scars mar Sandra Lisset Castro’s cheekbones. Her right eye doesn’t close the way it should, but even if it did, it couldn’t blink away her tears. As she testified against the man accused of brutally chopping her face with a medieval-style battle ax and murdering her infant son, she gripped her husband, Carlos, with one hand. She held a rosary in the other. (Read more | Download .pdf)

Can murder, attempted murder cases be untangled? (3-6-2010)
British-born Michael Lane is accused in two crimes that prosecutors argue are inexorably linked: The murder of Ginger Candela, 44, whose body was found severed and stuffed in a trash can in her garage on Nov. 30, 2009, and the attempted murder of a transsexual authorities allege he solicited on Craigslist after Candela was killed but before her body was found. A judge will decide if jurors should be told about both cases. (Read more | Download .pdf)

Police: Half-naked ‘Fabulous’ sign vandal was protesting Obama (12-29-2009)
The man charged with vandalizing the iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign earlier this month told police he was protesting President Obama and the health care reform bill working its way through Congress. He told police he also was protesting Arizona Charlie’s casino, which he claims stole jackpot winnings from him. (Read more | Download .pdf)

Child molester gets multiple life sentences (5-29-2009)
Convicted child molester Chester A. Stiles will spend the rest of his life behind bars. Stiles was sentenced to life in prison on 21 of 22 charges Friday after being convicted in March on 22 counts of lewdness and sexual assault with two little girls. He will be eligible for parole in 140 years. (Read more | Download .pdf)


FCC chairman at CES: Tackle ‘spectrum crunch’ or frustration will grow (1-7-2011)
Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski told a packed house at a session at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that the country’s demand for the spectrum -- fueled in part by consumers’ hunger for airwave-sucking devices like smart phones, netbooks and tablets -- is likely to outstrip supply if no adjustments are made. He also said he fears the U.S. could lose its post as a global leader in wireless development if additional broadband spectrum isn’t made available. (Read more)

Former prostitute turns life around with court's help (8-11-2011) 

The woman shown in a Las Vegas jail booking photo and the woman who appeared before a city judge Tuesday hardly looked like the same person. In the mug shot, Kimberly Landrum had scraggly hair, sunken eyes and an expressionless face. But now she was appearing in court, in a sharp blue dress, hair nicely coiffed and a smile filling her face.  (Read more)

Michael Jackson eyed Vegas 'Wonderland' (8-13-2009)
Nestled among the homes of casino owner Phil Ruffin, the Sultan of Brunei and entertainer Wayne Newton is a 10-acre compound that pop singer Michael Jackson was planning to call home. Actually, he was planning to call the property at 7000 Tomiyasu Lane — owned by former casino mogul Gary Primm and his ex-wife, Carol — "Wonderland.” (Read more | Download .pdf)

• Las Vegas weighing regulation of mobile billboards (9-19-2009)
The East Las Vegas neighborhood where Martin Dean Dupalo has lived since the age of 12 has seen its share of challenges in the past two decades. But while some of the problems saunter down the narrow streets and cul-de-sacs on two legs, Dupalo's latest concern has four wheels and a scantily clad message: The mobile billboards tourists see cruising the Strip and commercial corridors have rolled into his neighborhood. And Dupalo is steamed. (Read more | Download .pdf)